“I have known and worked with Mike Schlegel for over twenty years, both in my capacity as a financial manager of a group of closely held family businesses and as a personal client. For both business and personal needs, Mike has always provided an array of products and ideas that have served us very well. His knowledge, the quality of his service, and his focus on delivering products and advice that materially benefit his clientele has earned him a place among the very best in his profession.”
Doug L., CFO & Business Owner
“Krystalynn is a dedicated professional who never forgets who she is working for: her client’s best interest. She will take whatever time is needed to get to know you and your needs and then goes about putting a plan together to best suit those needs. On top of all that, she is a joy to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.”
John G., President, Save Energy Company
“Working with Mike on a client’s needs is always a win-win collaboration. When obstacles appear, Mike is extremely creative in finding solutions. He is all about his client’s needs. I’ve been so impressed with Mike; I turned over my insurance matters to him and have been entirely satisfied.”
Jake W., Attorney
“Krystalynn is sharp and has excellent solutions for every insurance question. She has served my clients wonderfully over the years. She has a wide knowledge base as well as varied carriers at the best cost.”
Stephen S., Real Estate Agent
“Krystalynn Schlegel is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of the industry and extraordinary communication skills has enabled her to dial in on my clients’ needs in a clear and concise manner that my clients understand.”
Scott P., CPA
At the recommendation of another lawyer, I found Krystalynn. Right away, Krystalynn put me at ease with her friendliness and confidence. Her knowledge of insurance trusts, availability, and simplified explanations relieved much of my anxiety. Having never met Krystalynn face-to-face, her timely communication and urgency to meet deadlines is exemplary. I will need Krystalynn’s experience and advice in the future, and it brings me peace of mind knowing that I have representation who I can trust with my best interest at hand.
Ramona L., Attorney and Client
“Mike really doesn’t sell insurance—he counsels people.”
April S., Client